Getting Started: Elements of a Destination Wedding

There are hundreds of checklists out there to plan your wedding. Instead of sifting through all of those we have narrowed it down to 11 key elements to consider for every destination.

Flight and hotel package

Purchasing your flight and hotel together can save you money. You can also consider contracting group rates for all of your guests. This will ensure your guests pay the same price and that rooms are available for everyone in your group. Your Weddings by Funjet Concierge can contract these group rates for you, and help your guests make their reservations, or work with your travel agent for these arrangements.

The ceremony

Most resorts include the ceremony location in their packages. Many even include free basic weddings when you book a certain number of rooms for your group. Inclusions vary from resort to resort. Be sure to get all the details from your Concierge when you’re making a decision on where to have your wedding.

Reception space

The first thing you need to decide is if you want a private or semi-private reception. Almost every resort will include a semi-private space in their wedding packages, and charge an additional cost for private venues. You’ll want to consider whether you imagine an indoor or outdoor space for your reception, and take advantage of a “rehearsal” trip to go and see several options before the big day.


Every resort is different. Some charge for décor by table, where others charge by item. Start with what your package includes and then work with your Concierge to determine how many extras you want to add.


This is a great place to incorporate the tropical atmosphere of a destination wedding. You can cut cost by working with what your package includes – each resort has variations of stunning tropical flower arrangements. It’s important to note that some flowers you love in the U.S., such as calla lilies or orchids, can be very costly in tropical destinations where they must be imported.

Live music

The perfect way to infuse some of the culture of your destination is through a local artist. There will be several bands to choose from. Not to worry – most of them know the American favorites as well.


If you want to go all out, you can add entertainment such as a fire dancer or fireworks during your reception. Your Concierge will be able to help you find the best talent in the area, and negotiate the best rates.

Adventures and excursions

Make it more than just a wedding for your guests and budget for everyone to take an excursion together. This is a great gift for them and it allows both sides of the family and friends to get to know one another prior to the main event. Consider your group’s interests and needs when choosing an excursion; popular choices that appeal to a wide variety of people are catamaran cruises and swimming with dolphins.

Food and beverage

Just because you are at an all-inclusive resort doesn’t mean that everything needed for a private party is included, so be sure to talk over these items with your concierge. They will be able to explain what is included in the package as well as provide you pricing for additional items.


Most wedding packages include at least a basic cake. To skip the extra cost of an extravagant cake, include a dessert with your dinner and everyone will be satisfied. That way, you can have the special moment of cutting the cake, while not blowing the budget on an extravagant dessert.


Most resorts have preferred photographers, but don’t feel pressured to use them. If you have a favorite photographer in your hometown, the best way to avoid a vendor fee in a hotel is for your photographer to have a paid stay at the resort. Generally, the couple should expect to pay for the photographer’s stay and travel costs.

Of course, every element of your wedding can be tailored to your tastes to bring your vision to life.

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