Bridal Beauty Basics

Hello, Weddings by Funjet readers! It’s Brittany, your personal Wedding Concierge and your bridal beauty expert. I am officially t-minus 12 months from walking down the aisle and marrying my prince, and lucky for you ladies, this means my rigidly-organized personality is urging me to set a pre-planned beauty regimen, pronto.

So what are the dos and don’ts in looking and feeling our best on the biggest day of our lives? I have devised a plan for us to get gorgeous in no time.

8-12 Months

Start Exercising. It’s time to buckle down on an exercise plan, and follow through with it every step of the way. Not only will this bring you closer to your ideal body to fit in your dream gown, but it will help relieve stress, and aid in problems from having trouble sleeping to unhealthy eating habits. Start out with an obtainable fitness schedule, three times a week for 30 minutes, and adjust as needed to get closer to the results you would like to see on your wedding day. Think about joining a Zumba class once a week with one of your bridesmaids so you can surprise your new hubby with Latin American dance moves that will be sure to impress once you are in-destination!

Hair and Makeup. Hair color, in my opinion, is among the most important. Do you want to go dark, stay light, or stick with your natural hair color for the big day? Most hair stylists recommend sticking with your “go-to color” to look and feel like yourself. Happy girls are the prettiest, and the prettiest girls stay true to themselves. If you do decide that you would like to change your hair color, experiment (in a salon) at least 8 months out to give yourself enough time. Make the investment for color protection shampoo and conditioner so you aren’t breaking the bank up until the wedding day in and out of the salon for touch ups every 6-8 weeks.

Depending on the type of wedding dress you chose, and the length of your hair, place your bet on your favorite go-to hairstyle with an upgraded twist for your most beautiful and confident self. Once you have an idea of what type of hair style will fit you the best on your wedding day, start testing out your makeup. Do you want to go with a natural look, with neutral eye shadow, peach lipstick and blush? Or do you want to go dramatic with red lipstick? Trials are the best idea around this time.

Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals. Pills are not the answer to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and eating right, but every glowing bride-to-be should find a multivitamin that works best for her body, especially before marriage.

I have compiled a list of the most important vitamins and minerals to get your glow on and boost your energy leading up to the big day, and long after.

  • Omega 3’s (fatty acids) and Vitamin D to regulate hormones, and alleviate PMS symptoms. No one wants to be around a bridezilla with raging hormones, so consider this your top priority.
  • Melatonin, Passionflower, or Lavender can be used to support sleep. Every woman’s body is different, and you may have to test out a few different supplements to see what works best for you. Try emergen-zzzz at nighttime!
  • B Vitamins and Biotin helps your body to process energy and improve keratin infrastructure, a basic protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails.

2 Months

Tanning. As a destination wedding bride, you don’t have to worry about testing different tanning options around this timeframe because you will have plenty of time to work on your glow the days you are in destination leading up to your Wedding day. Instead, find a lotion that will compliment your glow and hydrate your skin.

Beauty Accessories. After your diligence in hair and makeup trials, decide on your favorite hair piece, special lipstick color, and eye shadow! Consider teeth whitening strips for your (already) pearly whites, and oil-absorbing sheets to combat the oily skin that heat and humidity in Mexico and the Caribbean will inevitably encourage.

2 Weeks

Hair Color and Trim. Touch up your hair color, and get your final haircut or trim. Add on a scalp massage and a deep conditioning treatment that will stimulate hair follicles and add volume, or a color-enhancing gloss treatment that will give you shiny locks!

1 Week

Facial. A week before your wedding day, treat yourself to a soothing, hydrating facial to clear blackheads, slough off dead skin cells, and improve circulation. If it’s your first facial, consider a much earlier timeframe in case of allergic reactions.

Waxing. Depending on the day of your departure, make sure to get waxed at least five days before your Wedding day to ensure your skin has time to heal. Get your legs and bikini line waxed, and prepare to look as hot as ever on your first night as husband and wife.

Hydrate. H20, H20, H20! Staying hydrated is key to feeling and looking your best, especially on your wedding day in the tropical heat and sun. Do you and your energy levels a favor, and drink plenty of agua on the days leading up to your wedding, especially after all of the caipirinhas and pina coladas you will be enjoying poolside.

Spa Appointments. The most common opinion among destination wedding brides is their lack of desire to waste time in the salon while surrounded by family and friends in paradise. Get your gel manicure and pedicure to avoid any chips and cracks, exfoliate your skin, and indulge yourself in a relaxing massage, prior to departure.

1 Day

As they say, no te preocupes. All of your dedication and preparation up until the day before your wedding will put you at ease, and have you feeling like your best self. Who’s got time to think about beauty now? You are beyond ready to marry the love of your life, so go get him, gorgeous!

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